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Looking for new space?  We'll find you the perfect property, get you the best possible terms and be there for the long haul.

An optimal network to pinpoint all opportunities

We know the market and can identify the best opportunities. From databases, specialized networks and continuous contacts with the main actors on the market (brokers, municipalities, owners, creditors), we can give you a clear picture that can also include off-market opportunities.

Un processus structuré, un courtier expérimenté

La recherche d’espaces et la négociation d’ententes de location font partie d’un processus complexe où la collaboration d’un représentant expérimenté vous avantage fortement.  Nous optimisons chaque étape d'un mandat pour identifier les meilleurs opportunités et, surtout, obtenir les conditions les plus avantageuses pour votre entreprise.

Design et modélisation 3D: Optimiser l’espace en fonction de vos objectifs.

Une image vaut mille mots et lorsque vous devez négociez avec des propriétaires expérimentés, l’accès à des plans et perspectives détaillées est un avantage indéniable. En collaboration avec la firme 3TM, nous offrons des services de design vous permettent de concrétiser rapidement votre vision, tout en vous donnant des informations essentielles sur les échéanciers et estimés de coûts.

Des analyses détaillées, pour une prise de décision bien fondée.

After an in-depth understanding of your needs, we search for spaces and carry out relevant analyses that facilitate your decision-making.

Real estate decisions have an impact on the evolution of your business and it's important that your advisor provides high-quality reporting on both financial and non-financial criteria.

An experienced negotiator who defends your interests

Tenants and buyers have multiple options and your advisor should be able to make your property stands out at the top of the list. Being considered is one part of the work, getting favorable conditions is another one. 

Our negotiation approach is based on more than 25 years of experience and on a strategic vision inspired by the best training (ex: the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation and the CCIM Interest-based Negotiation Model.Our approach is constantly adjusted according to the interests, perceptions and options of both parties.


Renouvellement de bail

Beaucoup plus qu'une simple formalité

Projet souvent sous-estimé, le renouvellement de bail permet d’actualiser vos besoins pour tenir compte de nouveaux défis, dont un réaménagement d’espaces favorisant l’attraction et la rétention d’une main-d’oeuvre qualifiée. Tout comme pour la recherche d’un nouveau site, vous devez évaluer l’ensemble des possibilités du marché et baser vos décisions sur des analyses financières et fonctionnelles approfondies, en fonction de vos besoins spécifiques. Nous sommes outillés pour vous accompagner dans ces démarches, avec une structure d’honoraires qui démontre facilement une valeur ajoutée.

Some completed transactions :
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Montreal Alouettes
Football club
Lease renewal, administrative office, downtown Montreal 
Relocation by tender, call center in downtown Montreal
Negotiation for new service center in Vancouver and lease renewal in Edmonton (industrial and offices)
Automatic Systems
Lease renewal and expansion, Brossard
(industrial and administrative spaces)
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CLSC Metro:
Lease renewal,
downtown Montreal
Negotiation of lease agreements for more than 70 sites for telecommunications antennas
Royal LePage Quebec:
Lease negotiation, administrative
centre, Brossard
Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers (APCIQ)
Leasing of surplus space, Île-des-Soeurs head office
Who pays what?

Brokerage fees depends on the type and size of transaction and are generally assumed by the owner/landlord, within predetermined amounts to be divided between brokers and other representatives.

It’s important to understand that the tenant/buyer doesn’t usually save money or commissions (paid to owner/landlord’s broker anyway) by negotiating directly with the owner/landlord and that he often only deprive himself of an experience representative with useful negotiation skills and access to critical market informations.

Who represents my interest?

In Quebec, the Real Estate Brokerage Act (chapter C-73.2, r.1 section II) stipulates that: « A licence holder must protect and promote the interests of the party represented and act towards all the parties to a transaction in a fair and equitable manner.»

Interests of the owner/landlord being different than the ones of the tenant/buyer, you have a clear benefit in choosing a broker who will exclusively represent your interest and negotiate in accordance with your specific needs, taking advantage of his experience, strong analysis tools and in-depth market knowledge.

Can you help to renegotiate my lease?

Absolutely. The approach is similar to the one used when searching for new space, but the option to remain at the same location is the first and/or only option. All market data and analysis are gathered and a negotiation plan is developed in collaboration with our client.

Do you work as a team?

We believe in the value of merging different expertise. In our case, we start with a father & son team where Michel focuses on specific brokerage activities (research, prospecting, visits, negotiations) and Eric is in charge of data, analysis and marketing (support).

We also work with other brokers or tailor-made teams, specific for each project. Theses groups can include designers, architects, project managers or other internal or external ressources.

Are you working on confidential mandates?

Yes we do. Confidentiality is often required at different levels for commercial mandates and we make sure our clients have access to different tools or documents such as professional confidentiality agreements and virtual datarooms, with controlled access. Confidentiality procedures are adapted to each project and usually detailed in the agreements with our clients.

What is the OACIQ?

The Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) ensures the protection of members of the public who enlist the services of real estate and mortgage brokerage professionals governed by the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

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